Digital Marketing

Product or service success depends on its Quality , Cost and Marketing. The last but the crucial importance of marketing has been recognized long back and companies allocate a definite budget to market their products/services through print media and TV. However in last two decades technological revolution and falling internet prices has brought computers and especially the mobiles within common man reach. A recent study has shown that both the business and consumers are increasingly shifting their focus to computers and mobiles. The above technological advantages and consumer behavior has resulted in a slow but steady emergence of Digital Marketing as new era in marketing.

Digital marketing essentially has three distinct marketing strategies. Search engine Optimistaion (SEO) , Social media optimisation (SMO) and finally Analytics


We live in an Era of highly competitive market. Business can not sustain only through word of mouth and known circles. It needs to be marketed to a such an extent that name of your firm should appear in first page of Search Engine. IRInfosystems headquatered in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh , offers SEO services in Mumbai , Chennai , Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam,Tirupai, Pune,Bangalore,etc Our team of experts at IRInfosystems will study your business and help you in improving your Search engine rankings. Like any marketing a steady and consistent approach will be required for Search engine optimization. Initial results of SEO can be seen in three month period

Advantages of SEO
1.Improved search engine ranking
2.Brand image due to improved visibility
3.Increased customer base


Social gatherings and discussions are the main source for fast communications. With the advent of high speed internet at affordable rates , geographical distances are no longer a constraint in forming a social group. Through the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn , G+, Twitter,Pinterest and many more you can promote your products and brands. Social Media Optimization is a great way to create a brand image. IRInfosystems headquatered in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh , offers SMO services in Mumbai , Chennai , Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam,Tirupai, Pune,Bangalore,etc. Our experts in Social Media services can undertake the following services
SMO Activities
1.Creation of social media accounts and pages
2.Regular activity on the page- Regular Posting of Content on your Social Pages. Updating required content.
3.Events and polling
4.Innovative digital marketing exercises such as contests and games to improve brand image
5.Active communication with visitors
6.Reports and Feedback


Pay Per Click,a Search Engine Marketing Method is a quick and easy way to get started online by paying some predetermined fee for every click. A ppc campaign is fast, shows immediately on payment of money and the keywords can be measured perfectly. SEM or Search Engine Marketing Methods like Pay Per Click give a good branding and immediately gets the visibility.
PPC Activities
1.Campaign Setting up
2.Keywords Analysis - Research and Selection
3.Designing Ads
4.Tracking and Measuring the Sucess-Reporting

Web Analytics

Web Analytics measures the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This analysis or website health report helps in formulating new strategies and methods according to customer behavior patterns. At IRINFOSYSTEMS we follow the following steps while making the Web Performance Health Report:
Web Analytics Activities
1.Measure the Performance
2.Report the Behavior
3.Analyze the Customer Pattern
4.Advice/Optimize New Strategies

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